01/16/2019 00:58 GMT

The online Seller, WWW.QLINK-TECHNOLOGYO.RO, is a Manufacturer Authorized Reseller of Q-Link SRT Products, permitted to sell only in/the UNITED STATES.

This real-time authorized reseller web certificate has been issued to WWW.QLINK-TECHNOLOGYO.RO by Clarus Transphase Scientific, sole developer of SRT™ and manufacturer of all SRT-3 Brand Products, including Q-Link®. Purchasing from a manufacturer authorized reseller ensures consumers receive authentic high quality Q-Link products, intended manufacturer warranties & backing, and competent reseller service & support.

This Reseller Certificate is tamper-proof and only valid if:
1. The browser window it opened in begins with:
2. The website you are verifying is:
3. The Date & Time Stamp are current when first displayed & refreshed.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the authorized Q-Link Reseller Web Seal and certificate, including a list of online resellers you should avoid.